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About Us

RingerFX was founded in 2019 with two main aims:


  1. The first of these is to educate beginner traders and enable them to safely enter the markets with realistic expectations and minimal risk to their hard earned capital. I do not think that any trader should trade with real money until they have proven that they are consistently profitable for at least 10-12 weeks on a demo account. 

  2. The second is to help traders of all ability levels to reach their full potential by providing excellent support and feedback


If you are a beginner, our online course will give you a strong foundation and knowledge in the world of trading. The course will give you the confidence to trade the markets for yourself and develop your own trading system.

Whether you want to commit a few hours a day on trading or a few hours a week does not matter. You can trade with very short term targets such as within a few minutes/hours whereas you can trade with much longer term targets such as a few days/weeks or even months!

The course is written in simple English and structured in an order which makes it easy to understand and learn. 

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