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Forex Trading Course (Now FREE)

Welcome to our online Forex course. In this course you will learn everything from the basics of setting up trades to advanced technical analysis and trading psychology.

The course is designed for beginner and intermediate traders looking to gain a complete knowledge base in which to develop a profitable trading strategy.

There are no prerequisites for this course but to be a successful trader you will need patience, determination and the will to succeed.


If you have any questions at all about the course or any of its content, please contact us at

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Course Outline

Section 1 - Getting Started in Forex 

1.1  Risk Disclaimer

1.2  Expectations

1.3  How Forex Trading Works

1.4  When can you Trade?

1.5  Who Else is Trading in the Forex Markets

1.6  Setting Up a Demo Account

1.7  Trading Terminology - Bulls/Bears, Long/Short etc.

1.8  What Makes Price Move?

Section 2 - Forex Basics

2.1  Currency Pairs

2.2  Types of Charts

2.3  Types of Analysis

2.4  Pips and Lots

2.5  Japanese Candlesticks

2.6  Balance, Equity, Margin and Leverage

2.7  Order Types and Entering Trades

2.8  Selecting a Broker

Section 3 - MetaTrader 4 (MT4)

3.1  Setting up MT4 and logging in

3.2  Customising the Layout and using the Template Secret

3.3  Customising your Toolbars

3.4  Adding Indicators to the Charts

3.5  Using the Crosshair

3.6  How to Place Shapes/Objects

3.7  Recovering Charts Closed by Accident

Section 4 - Technical Analysis Basics

4.1  Support and Resistance

4.2  Trend Lines

4.3  Candlestick Patterns

4.4  Indicators - RSI (Relative Strength Index)

4.5  Indicators - Bollinger Bands

4.6  Indicators - MACD (Moving Average Convergence Divergence)

Section 5 - Fundamental Analysis

5.1  Supply and Demand

5.2  Interest Rates

5.3  Commodities

5.4  Economic Calendar

Section 6 - Technical Analysis Advanced

6.1  Market Structure

6.2  Channels

6.3  Fibonacci Retracements

6.4  Elliott Wave

6.5  ATR (Average True Range)

6.6  Gartley Patterns

6.7  Impulse Waves, Consolidation and Continuation

Section 7 - Planning and Trading your System

7.1  Creating a Trading Plan

7.2  How to Plan Trades - Proactive over Reactive

7.3  Keeping a Trading Journal

7.4  Risk Management

7.5  Trading Psychology

Section 8 - Beware of These

8.1  Forex Scams

8.2  Big Market Players and Stop Hunts

8.3  End of Course Page

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